Play Red Beard 2

Did you enjoy the funny Red Beard platform game? It was certainly a nice way to kill some time and many of us would gladly play Red Beard 2 if we had the chance. Sadly, this game doesn’t exist yet although it would be nice to see it developed and presented to us as soon as possible. Sure, there are a lot of flash games out there, but Red Beard was, and will remain one of those classic MiniClip games that many people played while they were growing up.

A remake of this game using today’s technology would look really good as there is so much that people can create today now that Adobe has made Flash a formidable technology. The game’s developers could draw inspiration from successful games such as Fancy Pants Adventure or similar and present us with some similar features.


I for one can say that I would play Red Beard 2 if it was anything like the previous but had some advanced options and more puzzle challenges. The graphics and animation could use a lot of work as well. As for the soundtrack, I have to say that it was rather cool and that I would like something similar in the next Red Beard 2 game as well.

Have fun!

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