Play Red Beard

I remember that I played Red Bears years ago and that my child grew up with similar games that MiniClip was publishing at that time. It was quite popular back in those days and it was hard to find small flash games that could be the graphics and audio that MiniClip had to offer. The Red Beard game was a brilliant little puzzle/platform game that I really enjoyed playing and it was quite complex at times and presented quite a bit of challenge.


I must admit that for such a simple game, Red Beard had just about everything, except for a nice storyline and more options and levels although I am sure that not too many people actually decided to stick to the game until they got to the very end which is a great shame.


Gameplay Mechanics

I was never quite sure who the main character of this game really was. Sure, he was Red Beard, but does that mean that he is some sort of pirate? The name certainly suggests that he is one, yet he doesn’t act like one nor is he dressed properly. Where are his pirate hat, wooden leg, pistol and saber? Yet the gameplay suggests that he might actually be one. Why? Well, think about it, he is going through islands and searching for golden treasure which is something that one would certainly come to expect from pirates.

Anyway, the Red Beard game is very simple to play, but will take a lot of concentration to finish. You can move with your arrow keys and jump with the space button. Your goal is to move across platforms and reach the golden orb which will bring you to the next level. You will find different orbs colored red, blue or purple and these do not server so that they can be collected. You can only have orbs of the same color on you at any point in the game and they serve as keys that activate corresponding platforms

So for example, having a red orb will activate the red platform, and having two red orbs will activate the second red platform. Once you pick up orb of another color, the previous platform will reset and stop which prevents cheating. You will never lose all of your orbs and you can just cycle through them as they will spawn back where you first picked them up. Sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it? But this is because it is such a great concept and it is rather sad that this game has gone so unnoticed considering how fun it can be.

Soundtrack and Video Effects

The Red Beard game doesn’t have and special video effects and the graphics aren’t anything special to be quite honest. However, back in the time where it was created it was one of the better games out there and it even had its own music! Today, however, a lot of people ignore it without giving it a chance because it doesn’t look so impressive anymore. But I still recommend that you give Red Beard game a try as it is certainly a very good game.

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