Red Beard 2 Game

What could pirates, platforms and puzzles have to do with each other? The answer was a simple MiniClip game from a few years ago titled Red Beard, and it was quite a good game for its time. It was a mixture between a puzzle game and a platformer which was quite difficult for a lot of people to beat. This is because the puzzles became increasingly stronger and the game wasn’t that interesting for people to actually continue playing it. In conclusion, Red Beard was quite an interesting game, but it didn’t really reach out a lot of players and keep their attention span long enough for them to play the game to the end. So, could a Red Beard 2 game actually make a difference and become more successful than the previous game? Well, it is hard to judge this without doing any analysis and without seeing the new game first, but it is a safe bet that it would be rather easy to improve on the first game and create a very nice, new Red Beard 2 game.

Gameplay Improvements

The puzzle aspect of the Red Beard game was quite interesting, but what was really missing was some action. Competing against time alone isn’t exciting enough and what the creators of a new Red Beard 2 game should first do is create a storyline that gives all the levels a meaning and then create more puzzles and improve on the current mechanism. Instead of just having different orbs activate platforms why not add hidden button, mini puzzles and other elements that make a good puzzle game? But, in order to improve the action and platformer aspect of the game, the levels maps should be much larger and have enemies for the player to fight against. These opponents shouldn’t be anything drastic or dramatically difficult, but they should be strong enough to provide the player a decent challenge.

Better Video and Audio Effects

Well, in all honestly, the Red Beards game has poor graphics and awful audio by today’s standards. Have you ever tried playing that game with your headphones on? The audio was distorted and made me mute the game as soon as the first level loaded. Providing more soundtracks is the right way to start improving the audio elements of the game, but other than this the authors should create more sounds that complement the animations.

When it comes to the graphics it cannot be said the current ones are ugly, but there isn’t a lot of environment art and all the levels looks just about the same. It would be great if the Red Beard 2 game would feature more areas so that levels could look more unique. These areas could be based off the plotline and could really give the game a pirate theme. So, for example, the authors could create a series of pirate ship levels or a group of levels inside jungles and deserted islands. The possibilities are quite endless to be honest!

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