Red Beard Games

If you are fan of games that combine platforms and puzzles into a single, functional unit that provides hours of thinking and entertainment, then perhaps the Red Beard games are what you are looking for! It is a game that is based on similar mechanics as Mario, but has it a unique puzzle system that makes the gameplay of this old MiniClip game very distinctive and sometimes difficult. So what is that this game has that others don’t?

Well, for starters, the mechanism can be quite complicate on harder levels. Your main character, Red Beard, whom you control, has to reach a platform with the golden orb in order to advance to the next level. To get him there you will have to take advantage of all the included platforms that are, from time to time very difficult to move around the way you need them. Why is this so? Well, you need to gather orbs of the same color as the platform you wish you move. As soon as you get a purple orb, for example, this will move the purple platform, but picking up a blue orb will stop the purple platform and start moving the blue one. This can be quite annoying sometimes, but this is what makes the game so challenging. Aside from this you also need to worry about the time in the right corner since you are racing against time to complete the level as soon as possible.

As for other aspects of the game such as the design, audio and graphics, there is really not a lot to comment. If you cannot stand bad graphics that don’t run smoothly and are annoyed by games that only have one soundtrack then this game is probably not something that you will enjoy very much. It is quite an old game which explains why people today rate it so badly, but for its time it was quite an impressive game to say the least. If another series of Red Beard games ever gets made, then they will certainly have to feature much better visual and audio effects in order to compete with other games of the same genre.

So, are there any tips that can share with you? Well, I have played the game for a long time and I have pretty good trick for you to do a little “cheat”. If you go into the water, you have five seconds to get your character some fresh air or he will die and reset the level and the time counter as well. We can abuse this system a bit to increase our final score. Spend some time examining a level until your know exactly how you can beat it. Once you have figured everything out, just go into the water to die and reset the level and then finish the level as quickly as possible since you know how the puzzle works. I high recommend that you try out Red Beard games as it is quite an addicting series of levels to play!

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