Red Beard 2

The first Red Beard game was very well received among people across the world. It was one of those games that were considered a classic in its time and certainly it is bound time that we get a sequel in the series. Technology has advanced a lot in the past few years and it would be great to see what it could do to improve this game further. It was a great platform-based game that required a lot of thinking which is what also made it a puzzle game. Remember how you had to carefully choose the orbs of different colors in order to have the right platforms activate? Oh, those were the days! Graphics and audio weren’t so important and the gameplay was really the only thing that players cared about. So what would Red Beard 2 look like if it were ever created? Would it be anything like the previous game or would it require a full makeover? Let us try to answer this question together, although I will let you offer your own answer of course.

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The Red Beard 2 Gameplay

The first game had a brilliant idea and perfectly fitted the elements of a platform-based game and a puzzle game and this would certainly serve as a basis for the next one. But why just make the play choose between orbs and platforms? The developers can easily create other objects for the player to interact with such as buttons, portals, tunnel holes and much more! The possibilities are endless, but I would agree that it is important for them not to stray too far away from the main gameplay idea as that would totally ruin the whole concept of the Red Beard 2 game.

Aside from adding a new system to improve the current puzzles it would be a good idea to increase the action aspect of the game. The creators can include enemies such as monsters to make things difficult for the player who would either have to eliminate them or just have the option to avoid them to the best of his or her abilities. However, if Red Beard is really a pirate, then it would be nice if he could fire a canon or two at his enemies to clear his way towards the treasure. More different level environments should also be added into the games. For example, some levels could take place on a ship, others in a jungle and the final ones on a deserted sandy island.

Future Video and Audio Effects

This will be a major issue for developers and designer to focus on since most today’s games are judged in great detailed based on their visual appeal as well as the soundtracks and audio effects that they can provide. The cartoony graphics will probably stay, but they need a major update and it should be insured that they will run smoothly this time since there were quite a few glitches and lag spikes with the first game. The future creators of Red Beard 2 should also make sure to add a few different soundtracks and not just have one play over and over again.

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